Collaboration Agreement Negotiations Letter of Understanding 2011

Letter of Understanding (2011) between Cameco and Northern Village of Pinehouse/Kineepik Metis Local Inc. for negotiation of a Collaboration Agreement.

The Pinehouse leadership was paid at least $270,000 to cover costs of negotiating the Collaboration Agreement between Cameco/Areva and the Pinehouse community. The negotiations, which were not finalized until December 2012, were kept secret from the community members, in accordance with the agreement.

The Village administration claims that the detailed invoices demanded by Cameco in the LOU were never created and therefore could not be provided via Freedom of Information requests. Nor, when asked, could the Village provide a copy of the “demonstrable evidence from Pinehouse that it has obtained Community Endorsement of the Term Sheet” (as stipulated in the LOU) that was negotiated in advance of the Collaboration Agreement.