Pinehouse Business North (PBN) – Financial Statement 2012

Even though the Pinehouse Business Charter of 2010 pledged to make Pinehouse Business North more accountable and transparent, this is the only financial statement for the corporation that has been released since that Charter was approved.  The Village claims that no financial statements were created for 2009, 2010 and 2011 for Pinehouse Business North, despite this not being approved by Village council or PBN board of directors (no minutes exist to indicate authorization). See:

Nor will the Village administration release PBN financial statements from 2013 onward. So this 2012 unaudited statement is an important document.

Note that the net income for this year is reported as $102,609. However, PBN’s net earnings in the Village financial statement for the same year is reported as $3,163,079. The Village refuses to release documents to explain the huge discrepancy between the two figures.  In June 2016, the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner found that the Village did not properly apply subsection 17(1)(f) of the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act in refusing access to the record. He recommends the Village release the responsive records.