Village Councillor Greg Ross remuneration 2011-2012

From January 2011 to May 2012, Village councillor Greg Ross received a continuing salary for “Government Relations” responsibilities in the Village administration. In 2011 he remuneration of $74,205, more than Mayor Mike Natomagan ($69,105). In 2012, he received $31,325. He quite often claimed per diems of $200-$300 per day for meetings attended, even though he was already being compensated through his bi-weekly salary.  No explanation has been provided by the Village administration for how or why Councillor Ross was assigned these responsibilities with extra compensation.

In November 2015 a Freedom of Information request was submitted to the Village asking for copies of any and all remuneration logs, time vouchers and expense claims submitted in support of remuneration paid to Village Councilor Greg Ross in 2011 and 2012, as well as copies of the Village Council minutes approving payment of that remuneration. After nearly four months, the Village finally provided the financial documentation requested, but not the supporting minutes. It charged the applicant $270.75 for the copies provided.  A request for review was submitted to the Saskatchewan Information and Privacy Commissioner, who in his Review Report 098-2016 (June 2016) found that the Village’s extension of response was not in accordance with subsection 12(1)(c) of the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, that the Village refused to provide the applicant access to minutes of its council meetings, and that reasonable fees would total $30.75.  He recommends that the Village release the minutes responsive to the request and that the Village refund the applicant $240.