Pinehouse (Sask.) mayor gets more than Prince Albert mayor in 2015


More questions arise as we get a look at the 2015 audited annual financial statement for the Northern Village of Pinehouse.

The one issue that certainly raises our eyebrows is the exhorbitant pay that was received by the mayor and just some of the village councillors that year (see page 27):

– Mayor Mike Natomagan got a salary of $90,670 plus reimbursed expenses of $33,412.
– Councillor Conrad Misponas got a salary of $60,700 + expenses of $15,079.
– Councillor Greg Ross got a salary of $36,600 + expenses of $6,887.
– Councillors Betty Ann Natomagan and Caroline Ratt-Misponas received just $3,800 salary + $2,028 between them.

That is a whopping $191,070 in reumernation for Village council, plus $57,406 in expenses, a total of $248,476 — in just one year.

Now, consider that the total municipal tax levy in Pinehouse for that year was $199,218 . Much of the remaining budget comes as revenue sharing from higher levels of government, approx. $857,000 (see page 13).

Now, also consider that in 2015 the Mayor of the city of Prince Albert received just $88,458 in remuneration (plus $2,198 in expenses), and that all city councillors in Prince Albert received in the neighborhood of $30,000 that year. (See PRINCE ALBERT PUBLIC ACCOUNTS 2015, SUPPLEMENTARY STATEMENT AND SCHEDULES, p. 15.)

Could we blame citizens of Pinehouse for asking questions?!