Pinehouse Village financial statement for 2014 raises even more questions

Quite recently the Northern Village of Pinehouse posted its 2014 annual financial statement on the Pinehouse website, even though it was done quietly and without bothering to advise at least one member of the community who had specifically asked for the information several months ago.

Like the years before, this financial statement cannot help but raise eyebrows in a couple of areas of major concern:

Village Council remuneration

  • Mayor Mike Natomagan was paid $82,377 plus expenses of $28,250 in 2014.  (Pretty good, when compared to the Mayor of Prince Albert who earned $88,507, plus $2,161 travel expenses.)
  • Councillor Greg Ross was paid $75,750 plus expenses of $13,968.
  • Councillor Conrad Misponas was paid $65,049 plus expenses of $21,913.
  • The other two members of Council received only $2,900 and $215 for expenses for both.

The Village council received a total of $290,422 for remuneration and expenses (page 26), about $1030 on average from every household in Pinehouse (282 households, according to the 2011 census).

Pinehouse Business North Limited Partnership

PBN is 100% owned and controlled by the Village.  According to the financial statement (page 10), it lost $1,083,759 in 2014.  No financial statements for PBN have been released by the Village since 2012, so there is no way of knowing how the municipal development corporation managed to incur such a massive loss of equity.  That amounts to $3,843 lost to each and every household in Pinehouse.